Frequently Asked Questions

So what are you guys, anyway?

We are an informal gathering of magic-users whom also happen to be members of the Holy Jihad to Destroy Barney the Purple Dinosaur[tm].

Ah... so.. uhm... why?

Well... that's a harder one.  Our official goal of the group is to gain knowledge in magic-use by sharing information, ideas, and wisdom.  Un-officially, we're just trying to make a bunch of goofy party-favors and trying to garnish worthless names and titles on each other.

That makes more sense... sort of...  so how'd this come about?

In early 1999, Arch-Chancellor Schneider decided that a sort of "Mage's Guild" would be a good addition to the Jihad[tm].  Originally, it was to be just a bunch of mages gathering together and trading spell ideas, artifacts, etc.  Fireball suggested that this concept be floated as a JAO and contributed heavily in its creation.  The Triumvirate approved, and we now have the Jihad Praxeum Veneficus.

There's the other thing.  What's the Jihad Praxeum Veneficus mean?

Roughly translated, "Jihad Praxeum Veneficus" means "Gathering of Jihad wizards to gain knowledge."  Mind you, this is VERY loosely.

So are there departments, or what?

You're joking, right?  How many wizards/mages/whatever have you known that were organized?  Well.. anyway...  the JPV currently (on a trial basis) is running on an apprentice-master system.  Each new member gets placed under a more experienced mage as their direct tutor/instructor/best-bud.  Eventually we'll start putting different mages into specialties that suit them, but currently our member base is too low.

Ah.  So what about rankings?

Here's where it gets fuzzy.  The only true rank in the whole big shebang is Arch-Chancellor.  This is reserved for the head of the Praxeum, whom is the only 1st Parallelogram in the org.

Parallelogram?  WTF?

Oh.. sorry... almost forgot.  The JPV does follow a sort of "I'm experienced, so there" ranking-type-system-thingy.  Confused?  Well... so are we.

If you examine the Lyran system, experience and superiority is determined by what "circle" they are a member of.  9th circle being the highest, held by Charn'el.

In the JPV system, 1st Parallelogram is the highest attainable rank, as 1st is the opposite of 9th with the Lyrans.  The big difference is that instead of "circles," we use whatever shapes came into A.C. Schneider's head when he created the org.  Promotions by this system are governed by the Masters, and approved by the A.C.

Basically, the whole point of having these ranks is to openly mock the Lyrans.  We never said we were THAT smart.

Highest = 1st Parallelogram
                2nd Torus
                3rd Dodecahedron
                4th Cube
                5th Diamond
                6th Rectangle
                7th Oval
                8th Square
Lowest = 9th Triangle

So who's in charge again??

Any major decisions are made by the High Council, a group of three experienced JPV members which is chosen by the ArchChancellor.  So ultimately, the org is guided by the AC, but not directly.  The AC is usually a member of the Council, but doesn't have to be.

Where are the headquarters?

Currently, there is none.  However, we are in the process of acquiring funds to build one in a secret location in Western Pennsylvania, USA.  As the activities of magic-users could be quite shocking to those who are not "in the know," we are a non-public organization.

Great!  How do I join?

Well, first, you have to be a member of an officially sanctioned JAO (Jihad Autonomous Organization) in the Jihad to Destroy Barney[tm].  Second, you need to be a magic-user.  Third, you need to submit a current copy of your character profile[1], and an essay stating how your character uses magic[2].  The address is

[1] If you do not have a Jihad Role-Playing character, but are interested in being a magic-user, AND are already a member of another JAO, mention this in your application.  Steps will be taken accordingly.

[2] This essay simply should contain your character's attitude towards magic, any physics involved in their use, and preferred styles/items/etc.  Again, if you need clarification, mention it in your application.

Wait a minute!  Will this interfere with my current JAO duties?

By definition, the JPV is a supplemental JAO.  In other words, we're second priority.  Most, if not all current JAOs don't have a problem with their members joining the JPV, but make sure you ask your superior officer FIRST!  If they have a problem, or don't know what the JPV is, have them e-mail the A.C. at the above-mentioned address.

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